1976 - Founding of Haepp and Rumpel GbR in a double garage in Eichersdorf
1979 - Establishment of HAGA Metallbau GmbH in Hofheim and the construction of a new factory building
1980 - Construction of new offices in Hofheim
1982 - Construction of 2nd production building in Hofheim
1986 - Construction of 3rd production building in Hofheim
1990 - Construction of 4th production building in Hofheim
1991 - Founding of HAGA Metallbau Gmbh & Co. KG in Ottendorf
1994 - Construction of new facility for HAGA Metallbau Gmbh & Co. KG in Lichtenau (4,000m2)
1997 - Acquisition of the offices and production facilities of the insolvent metalworkers BSZ-Roemhild (4,000m2)
1998 - Construction of new storage facility in Hofheim
2000 - Complete renovation and extension of offices in Hofheim
2001 - Purchase of BayWA property in Hofheim
2002 - Purchase of Stahlbau Schuster in Fuchsstadt
2003 - Establishment of HAGA Stahlbau Engineering GmbH in Fuchsstadt (26,000m2)
2003 - Founding of HAGA Holding GmbH & Co. KG
2005 - Opening of the door and wintergarden exhibition in Gerolzhofen
2006 - Acquisition of the assets of the insolvent Scharf Metallbau Gmbh in Wackersdorf (18,000m2)
2006 - Michael Karlein appointed director
2006 - Purchase of the neighbouring Bulheller property, new site in Hofheim of 17,000m2
2008 - Mario Haepp appointed director
2010 - Extension of the storage unit in Roemhild
2010 - Takeover of the assets of HAGA Stahlbau Engineering Gmbh
2010 - Opening of the technical campus (formely Firma Michel)
2012 - Integration of HAGA Metallbau GmbH & CO. KG in Lichtenau
2013 - Completion of the covering over of the installation preparation area in Hofheim
2014 - HAGA is one of the largest metal work companies in Germany
2015 - Merging of HAGA Stahlbau with HAGA Metallbau